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Shimano Stella 2018

Stella 2018 (1000 ~ 5000)

New Stella - Ultimate confortable smooth winding

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Stella 2018 features

Light and smooth - Supreme Gear Feeling

The advanced surface design, Micro Module Gear II is Shimano's unique manufacturing technology. Reviewed the design from the teeth of the gears, pursue the ideal tooth shape. Reduction of noise sound and improve smooth gear feeling.

Thorough detail sense of unity

Re-examined basic design of the whole body and parts one by on , thoroughly eliminate fine looseness, gaps, shakes between parts to details.
Target areas for improvement include Drive gear, Worm shaft, Worm shaft pin, Worm shaft gear and so on. Improve smooth rotation performance in a new dimension, winding with quietness.

Further tough Gear system

HAGANE gear which has been mounted on many Shimano spinning reels so far. With the precision cold forging technology, HAGANE gear, which has secured sufficient durability, is further evolved in NEW STELLA. Without changing gear size and material, Shimano achieved strength improvement by design alone. Implement the upper gear toughness of this size of reel.

Compatibility of Smoothness and Waterproof

NEW STELLA is equipped with non-contact type X-protect.
Combining water repellent effect and labyrinth structure realizes waterproof performance that can withstand water pressure without impairing the lightness of rotation. Line roller part and body (roller clutch) part to be mounted. Especially the durability of the line roller has been increased by more than 5 times (vs. 2014 Stella).

Stella 2018 other fuatures

NEW Low Friction Roller Clutch

NEW STELLA features a low friction and compact roller clutch. Reduced resistance, realized light rotation more than the conventional model.

Metal rotor

Adopted a metal rotor with high rigidity and moderate inertia. Realized a moist feeling of rotation of "Uniqueness of STELLA"

DLC line roller

A line roller with a special surface treatment (diamond like carbon) on the surface. Reduce friction and prevent line consumption.

Metal parts

Body and rotor are all metal. In addition, NEW STELLA adopts metal to the drag knob and handle screw cap.

Coiled wave spring

Fine adjustment is possible even in the vicinity of maximum drag with a high load as well as at low load. It supports angler dominant fight.

Using Different washers

Made from felt with smooth sliding from 1000 to 4000, C 5000 adopts a cross carbon washer that emphasizes durability.

Long stroke

STELLA spool is a long stroke compared to other models. It is a specification sticking to distant characteristics unique to STELLA.

Brush up spool diameter

Considering the matching with the small bat guide at 1000, the diameter is reduced. But up to 4000, the diameter has been increased by giving priority to improving the distance.

Newly designed Veil

Pursuing a smooth feeling when you open the veil. The opening and closing angle is wide and the feathering property is also improved. It also prevents unexpected veil return.

New shape line clip

Easy to remove, adopt new shape clip that increased hold power. It corresponds widely from ester No. 0.2 to 40 pounds of fluorocarbon.

This is full lineup of New Stella 2018


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