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STELLA 1000SSSPG:2018model

Shimano STELLA 1000SSSPG Special sharow spool & Power gear model


2018 Model

This is Special Shallow Spool and Power gear Model

Release March 2018

Price US$710.00
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Best for Light Jigging -
Ajing (Mackerel jigging), RockFish, or other shore Light Jigging fishing.


Long lasting smooth comfort

New Stella 2018 is re-designed each details - teeth of the drive gear and mounted the micro module gear II which is ideal tooth shape. Furthermore, in order to thoroughly eliminate the slight rattle noise and stiff feeling at the time of winding, newly set a silent drive that suppresses rattling of the mechanism section. Body and line rollers - X Protect which made keen waterproofness, and continue to protect smooth & silent which is the true stem of Stella.

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Spec for 1000SSSPG:2018model

Gear Ratio 4.6
Practical drag power 2.0kg
MAX Drag 3.0kg
Spool dimension
(diameter mm / stroke mm)
Weight 165g
Line Capacity Nylon2/100m, 3/60m
Fluoro 2/80m 3/55m
PE#0.3/120m 0.4/90
Maximum winding Retrieve
(cm/one crank)
Length of Handle(mm) 35mm
Number of bearings
(*S A-RB/roller)

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